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Three new poems by Koon Woon on Five Willows Poetry

Three poems by Koon Woon on Five Willows Poetry

Friday, November 8, 2013

Goldfish Press / Chrysanthemum Magazine

Goldfish Press and Chrysanthemum operate under the Chrysanthemum Literary Society, a nonprofit charitable organization in Washington State for the promotion of literature, education, and world peace.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Books and Chapbooks from Goldfish Press on Sale

"Reading the poems of Betty Irene Priebe is like hearing voices from porches as you walk the neighborhood on a warm summer night - engaging, perceptive and sometimes even a little disconcerting, but always making you want to stop for more."

    --John Lehman
       Poetry Editor,
       Wisconsin People and Ideas

isbn 0 - 9711601-4-7
80pp perfect bound

This is one of the crown jewels of Goldfish Press creations. This is a land I love as well as Washingtonton State where I grew up, where my love of labor went into the recording of one of its long-time resident's deeply moving and often cosmic reflections of a land of kettle moraines, arbor arches, translucent woods, clusters of lakes, and barns and cornfields, and of the people who settled it and of the place that produces America's best gingseng, which the Chinese calls the "human heart."
Betty Irene Priebe comes from a rich heritage. She sings of family, neighborhors, and neighborhood. She sings of cows and barns, tree stumps, lakes and minnows, land and water that recreates what is lost, the honesty of its inhabitants, and the neighborly warmth, as well as the local color and artistic yearning of the middle of America, where Whitman's verse pulsed here from East to West, and where the rich loam stopped the roamers. It is a place one calls home.

My regret is that I only printed 500 copies of this exquisite book and so there are only a few left that I am reluctantly to let go.

Just give me what I invested in it ($11 per book though the marked price is only $10) and $3.00 for postage and you shall own a truly remarkable book published by a world-class poet, yours truly, in all modesty.

As ususal,
send money order or check to:

Koon Woon
2012 18th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98114

Remember you are helping a nonprofit, charitable corporation dedicated to the advancement of literature, education, and world peace. Donations are also welcome but they are not tax-exempt.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Books and Chapbooks from Goldfish Press on Sale


We can act as a clearinghouse for your overstocked or out of print books and magagzines and chapbooks. We will sell them for you and send you your proceeds after we received payment and our costs for acting as your agent.

Contact Koon Woon at koonwoon@gmail.com for negotiations

Books and Chapbooks from Goldfish Press on Sale

Chrysanthemum chapbook Spring 2001

A very special issue containing a hilarious short-story by Jack Foley, poems by Bob Holman, Betty Priebe, Deborah Woodard, J. Glenn Evans, John Olson, Joyce Odam, Kevin Allen, Koon Woon, Marjorie Pepper, Paula Anderson, and Shirley Blanchard, among others. The cover is original artwork by Betty Priebe. This issue was formatted and typesetted by Koon Woon. Only a few copies left of a limited edition of 500 copies. As a special treat, the only published review of a literary magazine by Koon Woon is contained here as he reviewed the Special Edition - The Beat Issue - of the Hazmat Review, edited by Norm Davis. No one is safe from Koon's original iconoclast humor as he puts the ordinary-language philosopher John Wisdom, Ann Waldman, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and his formative years in the logging town of Aberdeen all together in a brief 500-word essay as a "madman outside of our city gates" constantly redefining us of who we are. Don't miss it. There is method in all his madness!

chapbook: 44 pages
card stock and heavy weight paper
new condition

Price: $9:99 plus $2 shipping and handling mailed to anywhere in the US or its territories

Order by send a check or money order to:

Goldfish Press
2012 18th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98144-4324
Inquire at koonwoon@gmail.com

Books and Chapbooks from Goldfish Press on Sale

CHRYSANTHEMUM   anthology Spring 2006

This beautiful work of art was designed by Karen Johnson of Level29Design and its pages are filled wih some of the best American and Canadian poetry of the time. Dr. Jed Myers helped Koon Woon meticulously edited this seminal work of some of the best Northwest poetry since the era of Nelson Bentley and Theodore Roethke at the University of Washington and the Blue Moon Tavern. The works contained therein are diverse, singular-voiced, musical, and painstakingly crafted. You are in for a rare literary delight!

94 pp perfect bound
isbn 9 - 780971-259805

Price:  $14.99 plus $3.99 for postage and handling shipped priority mail anywhere in the US and her territories.
  Send check or money order to:

  Koon Woon
  2012 18th Ave. South
  Seattle, WA 98144-4324

Remember that you are benefiting a nonprofit charitable organization devoted to literature, education, and world peace. The funds raised will be put to used to finance the chapbook,  "A dead end streets leads to a hidden world...", open to competition. Details are forthcoming soon...

This is a joint-venture with Jack Foley's Pantograph Press in Oakland, CA of Adelle Foley's exquisite Haiku that garners praise from Dana Gioia and Michael McClure. Autographed by the author, this slender, handsome volume is bound to be treasured by Haiku lovers and social activists everywhere. The title poem was chosen by Koon Woon as a featured poem in a seminal issue of Chrysanthemum magazine.

Your sales price:   $14.99 plus $3.99 for shipping and handling mailed to anywhere in the US and her territories priority mail.

isbn: 0-9711601-1-2
64pp perfect bound

Send check or money order to
Chrysanthemum/Goldfish Press
2012 18th Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98144

Tel. (206) 329 - 5566

The Burden of Sanity and Other Poems
by Koon Woon
Chrysanthemum Publications
isbn 0 - 9712598 - 0 - X

Chapbook of Koon Woon's finest poems nominated for 
the Pushcart Prize and internationally-anthologzied

limited edition 100 copies 
signed by author

Price:  $7.99 ppd in the US

 Martin I. Ingerson
author of 
Plays that Play

Martin the magician

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